Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cupcake Adventures

This weekend I ventured into the wonderful world baking...or the wonderful world of spoon-licking, as my darling friend Melina did a lot of the actual baking! I saw a recipe for cupcakes on A Beautiful Mess and I immediately felt a desire to try them! 
The best recipe I saw was for peanut butter jelly cupcakes. Everyone who knows me knows that peanut butter is my greatest love, so making those were a must. 
The cupcakes actually turned out super well! To be honest, I was surprised how good they were. The recipe we used was vegan, which meant there were no eggs in the batter, so excessive spoon-licking was a go!

Here are some pictures of the different kinds of cupcakes we made: 

1) Peanut butter frosting with Reese's on top
2) Cinnamon Sugar-- Butter cream frosting with cinnamon
3) Peanut Butter frosting with a jelly middle. Also my attempt at artsy cupcake decoration with pieces of an ice cream cone on top.
4) Good ol' sprinkled cupcake for my sister, butter cream frosting.
5) Hannah enjoying her cupcake!

All in all this baking adventure was much fun! I have at least 10 cupcakes waiting to be eaten, I'll have to pace myself, somehow! I had such a wonderful time baking with Melina. I have already begun dreaming of different cupcake possibilities for next time!


(ps, for the link to the original recipe, click here )

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