Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It's only Tuesday, but this week is already beyond busy! I'm already counting down until the weekend again. I've been taking pictures like crazy recently, and I chose a few to post here. I had a weekend full of dressing up, dressing down, and painting polka dots on my nails (first attempt seen above... possible tutorial soon? Maybe when I master the technique.).

I've recently been stressing out with all of the hullabaloo over college applications, and I need to remind myself to slow down. It's okay to take a deep breath, and curl up with a blanket and a book every once and a while. Goals for this week:
                1) Finish applications.
                2) Finish essays.
                3) Take a well deserved bubble bath.

Hope all of your weeks are going smoothly! I'll be back with more later :)

xo Alex

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