Sunday, November 25, 2012


Lately, my household has been in full-on holiday mode. We spent Thanksgiving with family at my uncle's house, and it was full of yummy Lithuanian foods, ukulele solos by my sister, and general family chaos.
And then came the Christmas.

My mother has a strict policy-- no Christmas before Thanksgiving. Too early, she always says. We'll get sick of it by the 25th. So we refrain from putting on carols in the car and putting up trees until Thanksgiving feasting is through. And then we go crazy.

Every year we pick out a real tree to place in our family room-- this is the tree that gets all the meaningful ornaments, and becomes a big production. We put on carols and drink hot chocolate and argue over the placement of ornaments. It's tradition.

This year I'm incredibly excited for Christmas. The lights, the seasonal beverages, the snow... everything about it makes me so happy. Not to mention my birthday quickly approaching... ;)

I'll be posting more as the festivities continue. Until then, happy holidays!


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